Saturday 26th July 2014,
Marlene Aymone

The Persian Fantasy

The Persian Fantasy

If I could describe this texture, I would simply say: Tehrangeles. This hair texture is very similar to some beautiful and luscious Persian hair.

$105.00 — $185.00

The Persian Fantasy is my “ode” texture to Asa from the Shaws of Sunset. This is hair has a very chunky hair pattern. What I personally love about this hair is that it blends so effortlessly with Afro hair, especially if you are a natural hair beauty or one who stretches her relaxer, like myself. As well, it can be worn straight, with the use of a flat iron. If you do decide to also wear it straight, you will appreciate the closeness in texture to Afro relax hair that it mimics. This hair gets better with age. The more you wash it and the more you’ll condition this hair, you will discover it’s beauty. The Persian Fantasy is a very low maintenance hair that will surely turn heads every where you go!

As with any hair that I sell, I always try it on first. Therefore, I invite you to look at the pictures above to see all the different ways in which I have worn my hair. If you were to ask me, what is my favorite way of wearing this hair, I would say in it’s natural state. I love to apply som Garnier Fructis Style Wonder Waves with fruit micro-waxes. You can also get ¬†bottle from Walmart.

If you have any questions regarding this texture, please do no hesitate to contact me. Before you check out, I kindly advise that you read over our term and conditions.

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