Sunday 13th July 2014,
Marlene Aymone

Mongolian Body Wave

Mongolian Body Wave

If I could describe this texture, I would simply say: Kim Kardashian. This hair texture is very similar to some beautiful and luscious Armenian hair.

$90.00 — $130.00

The Mongolian Body Wave is that hair texture that is going to give you that Kim Kardashian bounce. It is a very light and bouncy hair. If you are someone who enjoys relaxed hair textures and you do relax your own hair, you will find it very convenient for your daily hair needs. This hair holds curls very well, whether you do decide to use flexi rods, which are the best way in my opinion to curl your hair, not only for longer lasting curls, but to reduce heat damage to your extensions and your natural. But also, if you decide to use a flat iron, a curling iron, or a curling wand.

The Mongolian Body Wave is also very easy to train if do decide to cut layers and/or bangs. You will find that it very easy to mold. The strands of this texture are very strong and shiny. You will always have a great looking style with healthy hair strands. This hair is very low maintenance. However to increase the longevity of this hair, as well as it’s shine and luster, we recommend that you wrap your head at night.

The Mongolian Body Wave can also be described a mild luster hair, suitable for relaxed Afro, Caucasian, and Persian hair. If you happen to be Caucasian, Persian, or any other ethnicity, and you require more help understanding the look and feel of this hair and how to apply as a weave, please do not hesitate to contact. There are no dumb questions with me.

Expect more pictures of this hair to be posted in the near future.

If you have any questions regarding this texture, please do no hesitate to contact me. Before you check out, I kindly advise that you read over our term and conditions.

Here are some videos of the hair in action:


4 ounces per bundle
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